Keynote Speaking

One Hand Clapping: Paralyzed but not Powerless

Wait ‘til you see your dignified male executives struggle with “Bro’s Bra” and your audience conquer the “One Handed Banana”. What challenges do you face? What goals are you trying to reach? What would happen if every leader in your organization focused on abilities rather than disabilities – on what can be done rather than what can’t? Would there be anything you could not accomplish? One Hand Clapping is not just a “feel good” motivational speech. Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating stroke. This survivor of Locked-in Syndrome will prove that paralysis is not powerlessness. We can achieve the impossible by focusing on the possible. Kate inspires audiences from coast to coast to overcome personal and organizational paralysis and sends audiences back to work motivated and inspired.

Amazing motivational and inspirational presentation. Your story brought some to tears and everyone to their feet.  Having you as a speaker was my best decision.James Spiers,
Business Development Manager,
President NAIFA

One Hand Clapping: Appreciation before Accommodation

Kate Adamson, a survivor of Locked in Syndrome proves how ability most certainly rises from the ashes of disability; how those who persist in spite of disabilities, can develop uncommon determination, creativity, and resourcefulness – and isn’t that what employers are looking for? Audiences return to work with new appreciation of the value of accommodation – and wonderful memories of a great convention!

Would your medical conference benefit from a breakout that supplements and supports your didactic medical, clinical and scientific presentations?  Kate’s husband and patient advocate, Steven Klugman, often adds valuable insight in breakouts and panel discussions. Together, Kate and Steven help health care professionals who serve and support survivors of brain injury, gain new understanding of the profoundly paralyzed patient and new respect and appreciation for what they do as medical providers. This thought provoking and deeply moving breakout is educational and inspiring; encourages questions; and provides insight for medical professionals and others who deal with so-called hopeless cases and family and friends of the patients.

A wonderful gift of hope. A fantastic opportunity for us. We will never forget your courageous journey.Judith Hyslop,
Field Officer Stroke Foundation,
Otago New Zealand

Kate’s Story: The View from the Other Side of the Bed

This presentation gives healthcare professionals and patients’ advocates a chance to see the view from the other side of the bed. Kate shares her experience of being a critically ill hospital patient, unable to communicate but fully aware of the work going on around her. She speaks about the contribution that doctors, nurses, physical and vocational therapists, hospital administrators and even insurance companies made in her recovery. Kate’s husband, attorney and patient advocate Steven Klugman, is available to participate in breakouts and panel discussions and share valuable insights into the role of an advocate. Her experience powerfully illustrates the miracle of healing and the opportunity for healthcare professionals at every level to bring about that miracle.