The Midwest Book Review

by Kate Adamson

Kate Adamson gives us a lesson in truth. She honestly and courageously digs deep into her soul pocket to share her story about suffering a stroke at the mere age of 33. The account is bold, disturbing and alarming. Yet, you will smile at her humor, cry tears of frustration at her many near deaths and shed tears of delight for her extraordinary persistence.

The reader is a voyeur as Kate relates her thoughts while in a “Locked in Syndrome” state. Her words vibrate through you and you feel her confusion and desperate yearning to let people know she could hear them.

Kate tells of her second-guessing a decision she made to visit a chiropractor rather than her medical doctor. She speaks about the telling signs of migraines. She allows you full entry into her life detailing her attitude about fitness, her two children, two divorces, a rare thyroid condition and a $96,000 emergency room bill with no explanation of what was wrong.

This book is much more than a story about a survivalist attitude. It is about capturing everyday for all it is worth. It is about the intensity of love, fear, loyalty, anger, pain, joy and communication. This book is a admirable example of how the power of tragedy shapes life.

Reprinted with permission from Reviewers Bookwatch