Adamson receives honorary black belt

PTBA in the News

REDONDO BEACH, CA – Kate Adamson, stroke survivor and noted author of the motivational book “Kate’s Journey” was recently presented an HONORARY 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwon-do and a lifetime membership to the Progressive Taekwon-do and Budo Alliance (PTBA) by the PTBA founder – Sr. Master Monty Hendrix, the PTBA V.P. – Ellen Hendrix, and West Coast PTBA Director – Prince Loeffler at the Academy of Judo and Karate.

Kate Adamson, the mother of two young children, was paralyzed from the neck down at age 33. Finding herself unable to communicate with the outside world other than blinking letters out on an alphabet board, Kate refused to give up and accomplished the impossible. While still facing many adversities from her stroke, she is now walking again and has become an accomplished author and motivational speaker.

Senior Master Hendrix said, “Meeting Kate really touched my spirit and the PTBA wanted to recognize her for her Indomitable Spirit and Perseverance! She has overcome the impossible and she represents the spirit that all martial artists should strive to embody” According to Mr. Loeffler, “ After reading her book – Kate’s Journey, I was so amazed with the fierce courage, determination and perseverance that Mrs. Adamson embodied. As a black belt in both Traditional Tae Kwon Do and Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate, I’ve always thought that getting to Black Belt was the hardest journey that I‘ve ever encountered until I met Kate. Her journey represents many virtues of traditional Taekwon-do and Karate; one is the spirit of Oshi Shinobu! which means to persevere in the face of adversity.” For more information, please visit